Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why The Scorpio Man Does Not Call

There is a "thing" that is radically changed ...

There is a "thing" that is radically changed, in terms of political and administrative in the past 10 or 15 years: the delegation of Culture . Or rather, the political-administrative delegation of Culture. In any context, not so very long ago, was a mere sop to any counselor. Then, almost suddenly, it changed the Salento, which has become the land where ... "tuttu is culture", to put it as a shrewd and ironic songwriter popular Tuglie, Mino De Santis.
It is no coincidence that in recent years mayors of cities such as small villages, have decided to keep to himself so much despised by proxy. Perhaps preferable to other more "technical" and "management". The culture has become a "carrier" of popularity, media appearances, and consensus and, consequently, resources. Many more than in the past. It is certainly not a bad thing. "Investing in Culture in times of crisis is strategic because it contains the antidote to the culture of the same crisis," said regional president Nichi Vendola presenting projects related to movies and music. How to blame him.
But what is hard to change the management political culture. They borrowed and events, they were born too bright ideas, much has been done well on a number of councilors and politicians. Yet what has not been able to do, or did not want, and leave management. It has not been able to create jobs, grow professionally, to "leave it" events, exhibitions and so on, to form competent professionals, who work for the event, for that review, indipententemente by mayors and councilors, surge humoral or political constraints. Dramatically increasing (thank goodness), the "weight" of the political delegation has marred, unfortunately, not just the political management of Culture.
the eve of a "politically troubled, limping and panting," City Paper ", the thought can not go to the Culture and the city's preparations for an event that is hard to become what it should.
An appointment is not only the number of visits, or a confused bazaar publishers and banquet every year they go away dissatisfied, or, again, a window and bridge for politicians and warlords who, Culture, and know only delegated tasks, the spotlight and some favor.

Dario Quarta - director Campintesta

by Campintesta , November 2010


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